Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Plenty to Go Around

Howdy Radio Fans,

As we countdown to the debut broadcast, I wanted to get something off my chest. I spend a lot of time at the computer. I work all day at the computer, I am on the computer doing school work most of my nights and while doing all this, I choose to tune in to a variety of different talk shows on the internet. I enjoy them all, some more than other.

So I was listening to a show, not my favorite, but nevertheless, new to me and I do enjoy it. But this is what happened; The hosts found it necessary to jab at another podcast negatively, making the podcast look desperate. I hate that. I don't see any reason to jab at another show for any reason and let me say that this particular show had no reason to jab at the other. How do I know that...because the show that they shit on happens to be at the top of my podcast list and is my favorite show.

I just cannot understand that...there are more than enough listeners out there than to have to trash another show calling them desperate for listeners. Different shows attract certain classes of people and I suppose that my favorite show, The Katie Mac Show, attracts a higher class of listeners.

Joey Mike

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