Thursday, June 22, 2006

Viva Mexico

Howdy Radio Fans,

What's News? Let me clue you in on the latest development with Behind The Mike. We have just acquired a co-host for yours truly and after searching the entire planet, we went to the one place that George W Bush refuses to recognize as members of the human race....That's right, I went to Mexico!

OK, OK, not literally I didn't go because frankly, I was afraid they would not let me back into the states (I feel your pain, Cat Stevens). However a very good colleague of mine who wishes to be known plain and simply as "X" will be joining me whenever he is not scarfing down tortilla chips and guzzling margaritas.

So please make him feel welcome and keep tuned in because our launch is so close, it's poking me in the ribs...OUCH!

Joey Mike

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