Tuesday, June 20, 2006

The Wheels Are Turning

Howdy Radio Fans,

Well some exciting news has come up over the past week or so and I want to keep you all informed.

First, the great people at Horror-Asylum have agreed to sponsor a ready-for-me-to-read horror review for each broadcast. Now yours truly has no idea what goodies lie ahead as I am taking no part in what Steve and his crew send my way, I am leaving that up to them. Be sure and stop off at their website and look at all the horror genre goodies waiting for you.

Secondly Derek Miller, who is a very talented musician has given us free copyright to use his original music for the show (theme, etc). I am so beside myself at his generosity and I want to tell the whole world...all three of you! Derek's wonderful music can be heard at Pen Machine. The only thing left that we have to do with this great news is to pick what song will be out intro. So much to do and so little time.

Joey Mike (WHO?!)

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