Saturday, July 08, 2006

SHOW ONE Debuts!

Howdy Radio Fans,

The time has come, the moment is here, the show will go on. I am here to bring you Behind the Mike Show One. Production on the debut show is complete and we certainly hope that you enjoy it as the first installment of what hopefully will become a regular show for you. We hope that you will pass the link to friends and family to help us build our listener base and please email us your comments and feedback to as we always look forward to listeners' inputs on the direction we should go as we better ourselves show after show. The link to the podcast is below.

Behind the Mike Show One

Special Thanks to:
Derek Miller
Katie & Freddie Mac
The Radio Chick


Bryan said...

I though this show might be worth checking out since it was mentioned in the show notes for PCH.

Boy was I wrong. I am sitting here listening to you read one confirmed urban legend after another. Every one of those "stories" you read about Gore and North, Clinton and Atta and Lee Marvin and Captain Kangaroo. Every one was a fabrication or distortion.

Please look up such stories on before passing them off as legitimate stories. It's better than further disseminating misinformation.

Behind The Mike said...

Hi Bryan,

Thanks for the comment! We actually were corrected on that by one of our listeners and we ate crow on a later show by debunking the stories. Any emails like that submitted are now checked on

Hopefully you will grant us the benefit of the doubt as things tend to get better as shows accumulate. Have a great day and thanks for checking us out.

Joey & Vida

Chris said...

Hey Joey Mike...

Got your link from the Pacific Coast Highway podcast and was glad I did. Very entertaining and gets better with every show. What I find really refreshing about it is that you guys don't hesitate to correct mistakes ... like when you went back in a later show and corrected the myths about Ollie North, etc. that you presented on an earlier podcast. Too bad Bryan didn't bother to hang in there long enough to find that out before "disseminating" his own misinformed comment.

I'm definitely a subscriber now and looking forward to your next show!

Chris said...

Oops ... that was the Pacific Coast HELLway podcast where I got your link. Like you, I don't mind correcting my mistakes.

Behind The Mike said...

Thanks for listening & posting Chris. We enjoy hearing from our listeners...good or bad. LOL on the self-correction.

Joey & Vida