Monday, July 24, 2006

Show Three

Behind The Mike Show Three

-The Free State Project moving into New Hampshire
-Gun Laws in Colorado - should other states get smart?
-Notes from the First State
-Tab-Gouging waitresses
-Vita rants about Verizon DSL
-Horror-Asylum reviews Deathwatch

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Special Thanks To:
Derek Miller

The Free State Project


Anonymous said...

NH has 'open carry laws'.

There is no 'escalation in crime'.
In fact there is very low violent crime in NH.

Behind The Mike said...

Hello, Thanks for the comment and the information about NH. I had no idea that they had open carry laws. In fact, I thought that a law like that was nearly non-exixtent (until I heard about Colorado).

Also, thatnks for the report regarding the non-escalation of crime in NH, we are sure that this is probably one of the many good reasons the FSP has selected NH. I will be sure to update my listeners on this issue in next week's podcast.

And, thanks for listening and taking time to comment, they are always welcomed.

Joey Mike & Vida

Keith and stuff said...

Yes, crime is no problem in NH. In fact, people even get together and take their guns to bars in groups.

New Hampshire proves that few cops, high drug and alcohol use, and few gun laws does not cause crime-
2nd least amount of cops per capita
No Permit Required for Open Carry of firearms and they may be carried anywhere except court
Optional Concealed Carry Permit costs just $10
Highest alcohol use in the nation
10% of NH residents over the age of 12 (and 31% of teens) admitted to smoking pot in last 30 days (highest rates in nation),

Behind The Mike said...

Thank You Keith,

These web pages are great. Thanks for sending them along. Another listener emailed and said that there were open carrying laws in Montana back in the 1960s but he was not sure if they still did. These is a lot of information, I had no idea it was such an open-minded law (past or present).

I'll see that these links and an update definitel become posted this week at Joey Mike's World.


Denis Goddard said...

I just found this page and will be listening to the podcast on my drive home tonight!

My family and I moved to New Hampshire in July 2005. We've never looked back.

The Free State Project has had some notable victories in the past year.
Have a look for yourself:

Behind The Mike said...

Thanks Dennis,

I posted the link on Joey Mike's World. It certainly was a very insightful link and I thank you for that. I am glad I was able to talk about the FSP and ignite some spark on it.

Joey Mike

Anonymous said...

3rd times a charm. Your show just keeps getting better.ROCK ON!!!