Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Show Five...Back in Business!

Behind The Mike Show Five

Show Notes:
-Technical Difficulties are fixed
-Brian in Romeoville sent links in and corrected some material from a previous cast
-Shadow Falls Podcast Discussed/Reviewed
-Vida rants on the plight of the two Border Patrol Agents who were screwed
-Joey Mike surprises his Sister, Terri, calling for a Jersey Report
-Horror-Asylum reviewed Gothika

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Special Thanks To:
Derek Miller

Shadow Falls
Cotolo Chronicles
Friends of the Border Patrol
Email the Department of Justice
Send Checks to the Border Patrol Agents Ramos and Compean Relief Fund
PO Box 47208
Tampa, FL 33647

We Were DeBunked (Thanks Brian for the facts)
Snopes (Oliver North)
Snopes (Mohammed Atta)
Snopes (Lee Marvin/Capt Kangeroo & Mr Rogers)

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