Saturday, September 23, 2006

Show Ten

Behind The Mike Show Ten

Show Notes
-Clear Channel Radio selling Stations
-Power Women Moving to Radio
-Wolf Blitzer Blitzes "W"
-Conversation with Rammi, a Lebanese national who talks to us about the recent conflict. A very powerful account from a Lebanese caught up in the political mess. This is an interview you will not want to miss!

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Special Thanks:
Derek Miller

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Vida Corazon said...

I want to, again, thank Rami for his searing firsthand insight into the recent war in Lebanon. I truly hope it helps to expand minds and, perhaps, galvanizes people to resist intolerance and think in terms of "what would I want to happen to my family?" We are all, in the end, human beings trying to carve out a place of peaceful existence with one another. No one political, religious, racial or social affiliation should be more important, or righteous, than another. I hope this episode opens a path for more people to understand what those in other cultures are feeling, without any bias media filters.