Sunday, November 19, 2006

Show Sixteen

Behind The Mike Show Sixteen

Show Notes:
-Email - YAY!
-Free State Project member, Joel Winters wins a seat in the NH House.
-Donovan McNabb out for the season, are the Eagles done?
-The Good Ole Days, Christmas Magic
-Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!

Free State Blog on 2006 Election
Joel Winters' Victory Speech
A Christmas Carol

Special Thanks:
Derek Miller
Denis Goddard, Free State Project
Dan from Lancaster, Ohio

Saturday, November 11, 2006

Show Fifteen

Behind The Mike Show Fifteen

Show Notes:
-Terri Joins us from Cape May for the entire podcast.
-J-Rain checks in to talk about his fabulous Birthday present.
-Democrats have taken control of the whole ball of wax.
-Corporate America sucks, but Terri found a diamond in the rough.

Special Thanks:
Derek Miller

Sunday, November 05, 2006

Show Fourteen

Behind The Mike Show Fourteen

Show Notes:
-Back from Vacation, sick as dogs
-Election Day is next week, get the GOP OUT!
-Big Birthday Present for J-Rain

Special Thanks:
Derek Miller

Golden Age Radio Volume 1

Golden Aged Radio Volume 1

Step back into time in our debut of Golden Age Radio. This evening is Mystery Theater as we bring you two fantastic chillers from "The Haunting Hour" and "Murder at Midnight". Both are presented under the Creative Common Copyright.