Saturday, November 11, 2006

Show Fifteen

Behind The Mike Show Fifteen

Show Notes:
-Terri Joins us from Cape May for the entire podcast.
-J-Rain checks in to talk about his fabulous Birthday present.
-Democrats have taken control of the whole ball of wax.
-Corporate America sucks, but Terri found a diamond in the rough.

Special Thanks:
Derek Miller


Denis Goddard said...

Thanks for the show. It's nice to have a lighter entertainment show that doesn't obsess about politics, but doesn't focus on Britney Spears either.

Anyway... Democrats may have taken Washington, but here in the "Free State" of New Hampshire, the Porcupines are taking over the Democrats. By "infiltrating" the party, we scored a major victory on NOvember 7th and I thought y'all might be interested:

Be sure and check Joel's "victory speech" on YouTube:

Well, keep the podcast coming, it's great that you're still doing it, and I think the show is starting to hit a stride.

Behind The Mike said...

Thanks Dennis for the update. Congrats to Joel as well. I really enjoyed the link and love what you guys are doing. I only wish I was in a position to go to NH.

If you would like to join us for a show over Skype or telephone, email me because we would love to tell our listeners what you guys are doing on the FSP.

Cheers, Joey