Friday, November 30, 2007

Keeping You Posted!

Hello Everyone!

Well, we have been going through the growing pains of the show's transitions and the LIVE format is taking off tremendously. So we wanted to post this and make sure that you have every available update that we can give you about what is going on.

First, the show is streamed here everyday as you can see by the embedded player on the Blog. Now this player will NOT deliver the live show (Saturdays 11:00 PM EST). For that you must visit the Blog Talk Radio site for LIVE stream:

Behind The Mike on Blog Talk Radio (LIVE)

Also, you may know that we have a new domain and website. The website is completely interactive by means of signing up for an account (FREE) and interacting on the blogs, forums, etc. The new site is coming along and the show will also stream there every day:

Behind The Mike HOME

Finally, as we have had some complaints...we forgot to think about the problem with iTunes. When we left the pre-recorded podcasting world and started with BTR we were so excited about all the hard work being done for us that we never thought about the fact that our RSS at iTunes had fallen dead. So for those who were left in the is that link:

Subscribe Thru iTunes

We hope to see you all on the show. Call in and chat with the hosts.

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