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Show Notes 12/08/2007

Show Notes

-Discussed Identity Theft including ways that it happens and some ways to prevent it. One form of theft is PHISHING. Scott from London suggested that when you receive files that you are not sure of, to transfer them to a disk and then to a PC that may not be a primary machine or considered a "junker".

-A Delaware news agency reported that they are looking at 8 individuals of interest for placing "skimmers" overtop the swipe mechanism in several WAWA stores and have stolen an estimated $75,000 to $100,000 from other people's bank accounts.

-Scott also reported that a mistake by an employee of the Government of the UK has placed 62 Million British residents in danger of Identity Theft because two disks were stolen which among other critical info, contained insurance information and the passwords top access it for all these citizens. That represents approximately 40% of the population.

-A brief discussion regarding Robert Hawkins, who murdered 8 people in a mall in Omaha, Nebraska before killing himself. The hidden message…do not get fired from your burger-flipping McDonalds job. We decided he needed no more time from us or our show.

-The Catholic Church wants a boycott of the movie, The Golden Compass. Who cares! The church needs a hobby and they need to get completely out of children's personal lives.

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