Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Melissa Towe Blog 12/2/2008

Hi Everyone!

I have arrived in Santa's Village and it is soooo beautiful (even though it's cold...brrr). I was put up in a room at the Polar Inn on Candy Cane Walk; it's right across from the workshop!

So we are getting things setup and I want to tell you all about some exciting news. This year I have an on-site engineer with me. Boys and girls, an engineer is someone who handles all of my sound work and he makes me sound real loud and clear. So last year my report was called in and there were delays and I really sounded like I was on a phone, ya know? But this year we will do my report early in the day and send it to the Behind The Mike Studio and I will sound much better, I hope :)

Well, anyway, I have to unpack since I am here for almost a month! WOW, I cannot wait to have some fun and I will report again as soon as I can. Bye for now...

Melissa Towe

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