Tuesday, December 30, 2008

A Message From One of Our Friends

Dear Friend,

Today I am going to ask you to support my efforts with a donation. This might sound unusual to hear a 15 year old as for money online. See, I've been involved in politics for the past five years and in the past three years, I've been online sharing my views on news and politics.

There are just days away from 2009 and I need to raise $100 to continue my political efforts and to continue to stay online. Your donation will help pay to AsherHeimermann.com going strong. With your donation, I can continue to blog and host my weekly radio webcast about news, politics, and current events. I will continue to support the Democratic Party.
Today, I am asking that you make a donation of $10. Thats all. I am not asking you to donate $20 or $50. If you can't donate $10, thats fine. Just donate an amount that you can. If you want to donate more, thats great. Every cent and every dollar will count.

Your donation helps me in several ways. Most importantly, you will help me cover the increasing cost of managing this website. Think about it, AsherHeimermann.com gets visitors from all over the world. Funds also help me improve the look of this website -- making it easier to search, easier to read, and be a part of.

I am different from average American teenagers. I'm a teen that cares about the United States of America and the world. I care about what happens in Washington, DC. I want to know what is happening with tax money and what decisions will be good for the America people.

I invite you to join me: Your donation will help keep me continue to stay online. Without your support and your donation, I will not be able to do everything that I have been able to do that past three years on the internet. Please, make a donation of any size today.

Thank you,
Asher Heimermann, 15 Years Old
Sheboygan South High School Freshman
aheimermann AT gmail.com

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