Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Show Notes - 01/27/2009

Tonight we spoke with an extremely interesting and informative gentleman, Egan Sanders. Egan is an intuitive counselor, coach, lecturer, teacher, event organizer and author. Assisting others with discovering tools to grow personally and spiritually is his passion. We spoke about some of the projects that he actively promotes as well as his book, The Magic Box. Egan will also return during Behind The Mike's 2012 Trilogy in April.

Later we spoke about Barack Obama's intentions with the Muslim nations and some of the things that he is doing out of the gate in his first 100 days in office including giving his first presidential interview to an Arabic TV network. Download the awesome episode and listen in.

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Egan Sanders' Website
AGNE Publishing (Purchase The Magic Box)
BBC News - Obama Diary of the First 100 Days

Reality One Radio - Thursdays 2PM EST
WBTM Radio Network - Thursdays 2PM EST

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