Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Show Notes - 02/03/2009

What A Show!! We interviewed Michael Costanzo of MPC Recordings and we spoke about the inner workings of the behind the scenes work of producing Indie music. He also brought along a few treats including a new piece of music from Dave Diamond's upcoming EP release (Summer 2009) which showcased Dave's talent from wall-to-wall. After that he introduced a whole new act coming out on the MPC label called High Ten and we did the World Premier Sneek of their single, The Day That You Met Her. The only way to hear the track until the official release is on the show archives.

After the interview, we had an overwhelming amount of calls and support from listeners who are on the edge of their seats awaiting the High Ten release and e canot agree more. The band introduces a fresh sound, great lyrics and no rough stuff. If you missed the show LIVE, you have to download it or check out the replay.

MPC Recordings Online
Dave Diamond
High Ten

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