Sunday, May 24, 2009

Show Notes - 05/24/2009

Happy Memorial Day!!
Happy Anniversary to Joel & Sharen!!

Another fine show is in the can. During hour 1 we interviewed children's author William Sawyers and we talked about his work which includes poetry, riddles and stories for children of all levels and we talked to him about his inspirations for his differing levels of elevating through the various works. William also donates some of his proceeds to help local schools in his community.

Later, we had an enlightening conversation with Naturopath, Michael Schwartz regarding aiding the body's defenses against getting sick. Michael talked about how valuable minerals are and also told us that the traditional over-the-counter products just do not cut it. You can view industry papers, product reports and the products that his company puts out and it is recommended that you listen to the show archive to get some great first steps to defending yourself.

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