Sunday, May 31, 2009

Show Notes - 05/31/2009

***Congratulations to Trish and Everett - Wed on May 31, 2009 ***

Tonight we spent some quality time with Huck Bothner, a 3 year cancer survival and he spoke about his personal story as well as the Relay For Life program that raises money for the American Cancer Society. Huck walks in the Laurel, Maryland chapter of the Relay For Life program (in fact, he is co-chair). So he is inviting all interested parties to join in at your local Relay for Life or join them in Laurel Maryland on June 13, 2009.

Later, we had the pleasure of interviewing Rhonda Carpenter and Heather Roulo on their collaborative project known as where they help network authors from and help them market themselves through the power of networking. You can visit them for more information and find out more on what all the racket is about over there.

American Cancer Society
Relay For Life
Relay For Life - Lauel, Maryland

Encore Presentations
WBTM Radio Network - Tuesday 3:00 PM EST

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