Sunday, June 07, 2009

Show Notes - 06/07/2009

What a great show we had on the new 3 hour format.

First up, we covered some news and some speculation into whether or not we are being converted to a socialist state what with the government buying up private industry with YOUR tax money. Will we ever escape tyranny? Hopefully we will.

Next we spoke with Executive Career Advisor, Kay Stout and she spoke on matters concerning attitude and adjustments when you find yourself out of work and how to get yourself picked back up and ready for the search.

Later, we spoke with Jack the Wander Wolf from Wander Radio. He told us how he came up with such a fantastic podcast, what he does and how it is produced. We learned a lot about Jack including his love of old time radio programming...just like Joel.

This is a sure listen podcast if you miss the encore.

Kay Stout - Another Point of View
Wander Radio

Encore Presentations
WBTM Radio Network - Wednesdays 2:00 PM Eastern

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