Sunday, June 21, 2009

Show Notes - 06/21/2009


On the big show, we talked about some current news issues that should be upsetting the public such as the city council in Bozeman, Arizona requiring applicants for city employees to give up their user names and passwords for all their social networks and emails for background checks; sounds like invasion of privacy to us. Did the UAW union kill the big three automakers? Most likely yes. They hammered for bigger pay hikes and better insurance and now the companies cannot stay in business without all of us bailing them out and for what?

Later, we interviewed John Bell and Cindy Taylor from the Bells in the Batfry Podcast and with them, came many of the characters from the program. We found out how John came up with this fantastic show, who are all these characters and why it is so tough to get Miss Shmacklehiemer to stop talking so much. It is very worth your while to slide over there and listen to every single episode and yearn for more.

Bozeman, AZ Article on Privacy Issue
UAW Kill The Big Three
Bells in the Batfry Podcast
How to Contact the ACLU

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