Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Show Preview for June 2, 2009

Coming up on the June 2, 2009 episode of Behind The Mike:

- GM has collapsed into the government's hands. Does this make you angry? Well, it gets our feathers ruffled and we'll discuss this some during the show. Let us know what makes your blood boil.

- The AirFrance Airbus and the 228 souls fates may have been determined. We'll update you on that story as well.

- Crazy news is all around us and we'll tell you more about that and some of the headlines. BE SURE and call in with your opinions as well on our toll free line.

- We'll interview Native American Singer/Songwriter Atsiaktonkie and we'll feature some of his music tracks on the air.

We Look Forward to seeing you online in the chat!

Tuesday June 2, 2009
9-11 PM Eastern
(866) 417-4359

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