Friday, June 05, 2009

Show Preview for June 7, 2009

Coming up on the June 7, 2009 episode of Behind The Mike:

- June is National Bathroom Reading Month and we'll talk about that and a contest that you might be interested in over at

- We'll be taking a look at the lighter side of the New Economy. It may be funny, but not really.

- Barack Obama - President or Czar; YOUR calls and comments are welcomed.

- Interview with Executive Career Advisor Kay Stout; she will be discussing "The importance of the "personal touch" when it comes to getting hired". She will also be taking any calls rgarding career advice.

- Interview with Jack the WanderWolf. Jack has a nifty little podcast called Wander Radio which is located just off the radio dial and it deserves some recognition. We'll get the lowdown from him in the broadcast.

We Look Forward to seeing you online in the chat!

Sunday June 7, 2009
8-11 PM Eastern
(866) 417-4359

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