Sunday, July 19, 2009

Show Notes - 07/19/2009

We welcomed The Last Riders, an Indie band from Newark, Delaware and highlighted some of their music. The band is running in a competition on MTV's Our Stage and hoping for the chance to join the Battle of the Bands to determine the winner as a finalist. Be sure to click the link below to vote for them.

We had a conversation with our Career Expert, Kay Stout and she spoke on a couple of issues including maintaining your perseverance while looking for work and how to clean up your social network and keep it clean as it has become all so more important these days in finding work. Is college still important? How do high school seniors cope with the transition from the classroom to the workforce? Kay answers these questions and more. Download the archive and listen in.

We finished later with conversation regarding the state of the economy, health care and the role of government. Are we seeing history repeat itself again? Have we learned from the lessons of the French Revolution, the Russian Revolution or even the American Revolution? We may not have. Opinions are always welcome on the show.

The Last Riders Online
MTV's Our Stage - VOTE for The Last Riders
Kay Stout, Career Advisor

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