Sunday, July 26, 2009

Show Notes - 07/26/2009

The program yielded two fine interviews.

First we spoke with jazz musician, Teddy Presberg. Teddy is a wonderful jazz musician and makes fantastic music. We talked about his beginnings and the funky sound that makes his jazz unique from the standard sounds. We also featured NEW music from the latest CD. He and his band are touring the Midwest and the tour dates and FREE music can be found on his website listed below.

We then interviewed Pop Songwriter, Vicky Jones and listened to some of her music tracks. Vicky is a very talented and unique individual and we were very happy to have her and her music grace the program. Vicky has been writing music and lyrics since she was seven years old. True talent. Check her out at her website listed below.

Later, LadyB and Joel discussed the economy, government, healthcare and Obama's apology for his remarks made against the Cambridge, Massachusetts Police Department.

Teddy Presberg Online
Vicky Jones Online

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