Sunday, August 16, 2009

Show Notes - August 16, 2009

On his edition of Behind The Mike, we welcomed back to the show Samantha Gibb and her band, M.E.G. Music. It was a great hour as we featured some new music by the band, spoke about their online jam sessions and also talked about the movie that they made, A Nashville State of Mind. Samantha is a wonderful person and we enjoy having her on the broadcast as she is very entertaining and very talented. Visit M.E.G. Music's link below to find out more about the band and buy their music.

In the second hour we spoke on and tried to figure out this whole healthcare mess; it looks like the Democrats will take a small bow to announce victory on the H.R.3200 bill. We also spoke about the box office at the movies and spent a little TechTime on the hacker's romance with Twitter.

M.E.G Music

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