Sunday, October 18, 2009

Show Notes - 10/18/2009

On the show this evening, we interviewed Princess Horror, horror movie diva fashionista and hostess of the Philadelphia based Terror Film Festival. She gave us insight to what she does, information about the Terror Film Festival (being held October 20 through 24, 2009). She also shared with us (on the fly) her top 5 movies for Halloween night:

Princess Horror's Top Five
5. The Thing (Original)
4. Friday the 13th (Original)
3. Nightmare on Elm Street
2. House on Haunted Hill (Original)
1. Halloween (Original)

Later, we had a discussion with Brock LaRobb on many topics such as History Channel's Monster Quest and UFO Hunters, John F. Kennedy, Barack Obama and more. There was so much to handle that we positively had to reschedule him for a full two hours on December 6th. Definitely download he episode and check it all out.

Terror Film Festival

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