Sunday, October 25, 2009

Show Notes - 10/25/2009

On this episode of Behind The Mike, we interviewed our resident Career Coach on the effective ways to use Twitter and other social networking sites. She spoke on the ways that Twitter can be used two-way to keep in touch and some interesting ways to aggregate Twitter content based in your region and on your keyword. Simply check into it at Search Twitter (see link below).

Later we talked about Gina Uberti, who was fired last year from Bath and Body Works for basically practicing her religion, Wicca, on her time. She is now suing the employer and we wish her well in her pursuit of justice in her rights. Tell Bath and Body Works how you feel about this whole travesty and boycott their operation; we approve it. Contact them HERE.

We then discussed Halloween and some of our favorite attractions at this time of the year! Please have a Safe and Happy Halloween. To our Wiccan friends, Happy Samhain!

Bath and Body Works Uberti Complaint

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