Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Show Notes - 11/08/2009

Tonight on the show we had a fascinating interview with Dylan Waugh and Brad Johnson of VISEDAL. VISEDAL is a non-profit organization geared to removing less fortunate children of Nicaragua from the streets and place them back into the education system; thus giving them the chance to have an alternative life-style free from poverty. Currently they sponsor 20 children and are looking for donations and volunteers to help them grow. Visit the website below to find out more and see how you can help. Listen to the interview to experience what these two fine, young gentlemen have undertaken.

Later we discussed the health care bill which has passed in the House of Representatives but may find danger in the Senate. We are going to try and find someone for a later episode who might help us figure this whole thing out.

In Cleveland, Ohio, one Anthony Sowell returned after 15 years of incarceration and moved into a small neighborhood in 2005. It turned out that he spend the past 4 years making up for lost time by murdering so far, 11 women and burying them in the walls of his home and in shallow graves in the backyard.

We took a mandatory "moment of silence" at the top of the show for the victims and families of the Fort Hood Massacre. We discussed the latest unfolding events of this treacherous and senseless slaying of our service men and women.


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