Sunday, December 06, 2009

Show Notes - 12/06/2009

Tonight's episode saw the return of one of the show's favorite regular guests, Brock LaRobb. Brock is a political and social analyst and we always get into some great discussion when he comes onto the panel.

Subject matter included the status of the government who are ruining the country. Barack Obama apologizing for things we do instead of standing firm about the things that we do; that is a serious issue and it shows weakness on the part of the USA.

We then spoke about the issue of illegal aliens in the US. Actually this was a revisit on a subject that was discussed two weeks ago but we had compiled more information regarding the issue. With the National Debt clocking at a little over $12 Trillion we have approximately 41,600,000 illegal aliens in America holding down jobs that otherwise could be given to unemployed LEGAL US Citizens. If the illegals made approximately $31,200 and we know they are NOT paying their 30% in taxes or $9360 then we are missing $389,376,000,000 per year to the debt coffers. This means that we as Americans should be telling our elected officials to THROW THESE PEOPLE OUT!

To end on a positive note, we spoke about the holiday season and the fact that traditions are definitely shrinking in our society and it seems to be caused by the commercialization of the Christmas holiday. There was a time when retailers CLOSED on Thanksgiving & Christmas so families can be together. Thanks to the GREED of the retail industry, families have harder times being able to be together. We need to keep these traditions alive. Perhaps if no one showed up, the retailers would close.

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