Sunday, December 20, 2009

Show Notes - 12/20/2009

3rd Annual Christmas Extravaganza!!

Tonight we celebrated Christmas on the show with holiday music, conversation and a couple of interviews. One important interview was with, of course, Santa Claus! Santa stopped in to talk with us about the magic of Christmas, gave us some details on his preparations for Christmas Eve, fielded some great questions from the staff and told a few jokes from the North Pole.

We also spoke with Lt. Desmond James of NORAD's Santa Tracker. We learned the uncanny story of how Santa Tracker came to be and also how things are operated so that NORAD can track Santa all Christmas Eve. You can visit the website below for more information and to track Santa on Christmas Eve.

We had some of our past guests stop by to say hello including Sabrina, Kay Stout and Dillon from VISEDAL, who received quite a surprise from Santa and the WBTM Radio Network.

NORAD Santa Tracker

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