Sunday, January 10, 2010

Show Notes - 01/10/2010


Vida returned to the panel to help kick off the new season of Behind The Mike and we covered some of the issues that should bother all of us such as the breakdown of homeland security. Why did passengers have to subdue a would-be terrorist who tried to blow a flight out of the air over Detroit on Christmas Day? Is that not why we pay extra money for airline fares? Where is the TSA? Where was the Air Marshall? Why was this guy not on the "list"?

Later we interviewed "Cayenne" Chris Conroy who is the man behind every aspect of the very funny podcast, Teknikal Diffikulties. Chris handles everything including all the voices that are heard on each episode and we found out some great info from him including where he gets his inspirations from, how long it takes to do one episode and how much many he spends on his therapist to work out the voices in his head.

Teknikal Diffikulties

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