Sunday, January 24, 2010

Show Notes - 01/24/2010

SPECIAL THANKS: to my friend & co-worker, Julian S. who leaves for Paris Island on 1/25/2010 to serve in the United States Marine Corps. Thank you for your service to the United States & her citizens and Gos Speed to you, son!

CONGRATULATIONS to TERRY DALTON of Middletown, Delaware who is the Undisputed Game Show Frenzy Champion. If you have an interest in competing in a future game as a contestant, please email us at Contest AT ; the scores were as follows:

Terry Dalton (W) - 160 Points
Tim Johnson (L) - 150 Points

We also covered some topics of interest such as the rash of earthquakes around the world including a 6.1 Magnitude aftershock that occurred 35 miles north of Port au Prince, Haiti. To help the Haitians, you can donate through the American Red Cross and this is the organization above all that The Behind The Mike Show, WBTM Radio Network and Reality 1 Radio recommend. You can text the word "Haiti" to the number 90999 to make a $10 donation (reflected on your phone bill) or make a donation through the American Red Cross' website at

Would you post your credit card information on a website and then allow it to post little blips about your purchases online? Well Blippy does just that. Who in their right mind would take such a chance? Obviously according to the website, which works much like Twitter, there are a number of people using the service which is supposed to foster price comparisons. Sorry, ask is another jab at face to face conversing. What happened to going outside and asking someone, say like your neighbor, how much he spent for that garden hose? Can you say 1984?

Sniglet(s) of the Week

FICTATE (fik' tayt)v. To inform a television or screen character of impending danger under the assumption they can hear you.

WOOWAD (wew' wad)n. Giant clumps of stuck-together rice served at Chinese restaurants.

American Red Cross
Blippy (if you want to be a social moron)

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