Sunday, January 31, 2010

Show Notes - 01/31/2010

This was a great show all around. We covered some news in the opener regarding a serious diplomatic issue in the Middle East as the United States is engineering sanctions against Iran beings that Iran will not open their nuclear installations to international controls. This is a highly disturbing scenario and we should watch carefully to see what unfolds. In fact, is it not the job of the United Nations to deal with these matters? Why is the United States doing this again?

Our special guest tonight was "Mr. Arkansas" Todd Scarborogh. Todd won the title of "Mr. Arkansas" in 1984 at the age of 19 and again in 2003 at the age of 38. He also won the "Mr. Teenage Arkansas" title in 1982 and "Mr. Arkansas - Masters Division" title in 2005 at age 40. Todd's passion is teaching others how to enjoy a healthy lifestyle through fitness and nutrition. As spokesman for Nordic Naturals, Todd educates consumers about fish oil's role in sports nutrition and performance enhancement.

Todd spoke to us about the Three Simple Rules to Eating Right. They are:


"People's meal portions are often too big," says Todd. "If you put your hands together, that is the size of your stomach at maximum capacity. Your meal size should be no more than that. Your portion should be no more than what you can hold in a double handful. No matter who you are, anything beyond a double handful represents excess calories and it will be stored as fat. As regards portions, size really matters."


"Many people eat a small breakfast, a bigger lunch, then a huge meal in the evening," says Todd. "Ideally, you should break up your food into 5 or 6 small meals, as opposed to one or two larger meals. And I've seen people lose weight doing this, eating the same amount of calories. Just changing the way they eat."


"The RATIO of the meal is the "carbs to protein to fats" ratio. With most diets, the ratios are generally screwed up. The ideal ratio for the average person is 40 percent carbs, 30 percent protein, 30 percent fat. This ratio is best for providing enough protein for muscle nourishment and for preventing excess carbs from being stored in the body as fat."

To find out more about Todd, his work and Nordic Naturals, who he is a spokesperson for:

Todd Scarborough
Email: mrarkansas @ Gmail dot com
Nordic Naturals | 1-800-787-7208

Later, we discussed the Haitian relief effort, which is all well and good but we suggest that while you help the Haiti effort, put a little effort into the domestic situation on the homefront as well. Do we not have homeless people? Do we not have starving people? We do...everyday in every state. We are asking that you reach out and give food, clothing and blankets to your local shelters and food banks. In Delaware:

All Reybold Self Storage Sites
Salvation Clothes Donation Bins

Gateway House - Shelter for Homeless Men
121 North Poplar Street
Wilmington, Delaware

Finally we looked at some of the points of President Barack Obama's first State of the Union Address and we debated what he can do and what he has to do to make a change. One argument was that he has to focus on the NOW before he loses what Joel believes to be his Democratic stronghold in the House and the Senate. It is great that he wants to curve spending in 2011, but it is only January in 2010, why wait a year? NOW, Mr. Obama, NOW.

Nordic Naturals

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