Sunday, February 14, 2010

Show Notes - 02/14/2010


Can We Travel Through Time?

In November of 2000, a man calling himself Timetravel_0 showed up on discussion forums and claiming to be a time traveler from the year 2036. His real name he later revealed was John Titor. In his posts and discussions, he made numerous predictions; some of which were vague and others very specific in nature. In March of 2001, he was gone. So was he telling the truth? Was John Titor a traveler from another timeline? Or was he just a very intelligent person in out own timeline who wanted to send us a message of how we can change our lives for the better?

Tonight we explored the John Titor phenomenon with Scott Norwood; director of the Independent film Timetravel_0. The movie is a very well made investigation into the chase of who John Titor was. It is complete with interviews from the man on the street to some physicists and scientists who spoke about the possibilities (or not) of being able to travel through time. Scott walked with us through time to review some of what John said and some of the messages he left us with.

We learned that Scott has many of the same views as the Behind The Mike family in that we cannot be 100% sure that John Titor actually came from the future but we do have in common that he was, for better or worse, delivering a message to all peoples that we needed to change our lives and our time.

It is for us to decide whether we want to believe or not. In the words of John Titor, "If you do not believe in Time travel then I suggest for discussion that you CHOOSE not to believe. Do you believe in ET's or UFO's − choices. Do you believe that the rest of the world or the known universe exists − choices. Do you believe you were born of sin − choices. You choose not to believe − this is not the same as the ability for it to exist".

Seeing in not believing -- Believing is seeing.

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