Sunday, March 07, 2010

Show Notes - 03/07/2010


Kaytee Vandergast

Would you like to participate in a future episode as a contestant on Game Show Frenzy? If so send us an email with your name, address & phone number to

Tonight we spoke with Troy Dukes, the founder of the charitable organization, Hearts of the Sacred Spirit. The charity helps Native American communities across the United States with basic needs such as heating, toiletries and more. Currently they are assisting the peoples of Pine Ridge in South Dakota. Troy has been helping the Native American peoples for more than 20 years. You too can help by visiting the website and donating your time or a few dollars to help the cause. Troy reports that more than 95% of the donated monies actually go to the donated goods and the 5% goes to fees and administrative costs; that is refreshing to know.

Please help the Hearts of the Sacred Spirit Charity by sending your old unused phones to:

Hearts Of The Sacred Spirit
2406 Waters Edge Drive
Newark, Delaware 19702

Your unwanted/un-needed cell phones will be Re-furbished, Reset, and Re-used. If the cell phone is broken, working parts are removed and the rest is recycled and sent to EPA-certified partners who dispose of them in a way that is not harmful to the environment.

We then crowned a new Champion for Game Show Frenzy, Kaytee Vandergast from Kirkwood, Delaware won tonight’s competition:

Kaytee Vandergast – 235 Points (W)
Terry Dalton – 150 Points (L)

Hearts of the Sacred Spirit

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