Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Show Notes - 03/09/2010

Tonight on the show we spoke about a few items before the guest came on the air. First of all, every household in America will be receiving a letter from the US Census Bureau. The letter will state that within a week, you will be mailed the forms to fill out for the 2010 Census. So is anyone else concerned that based on the 2008 US Census estimates, we spent $133,786,278.56 on postage to send a letter that advises that they are sending a letter? Holy Stamps Batman!

Second, we discussed a little bit about this health care reform issue. Have you ever noticed that you only hear the politicians talking about the horrors of universal health care..in Canada..? Why is no one talking about the universal health care systems in Germany, Japan, France & Switzerland? They run great systems at 10-11% of their country’s GDP, insure every citizen, citizens get to see their private doctors and not wait in lines. Here in the US, the insurance is costing 17% of the GDP and millions upon millions of citizens are NOT insured. Also, even Beck and Limbaugh have not been mentioning these European success stories…hmmmm

For the main event, we welcomed former FBI Special Agent Jack Owens to the program where we spent a great show talking to him about his latest work, Don’t Shoot! We’re Republicans! A memoir of an agent of the FBI who did things his way. Jack is a lawyer by degree but needed excitement in his life so he joined the FBI. His book is a revealing look at the workings of an FBI agent in the day to day but with a twist; he shows us that his three decades in the Bureau were funny and enjoyable. Listen as jack tells some of the funniest stories that you will not see on FBI Files. Then run right out and get his book.

Don’ Shoot, We’re Republicans! on Amazon

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