Sunday, March 14, 2010

Show Notes - 03/14/2010

On the program tonight, we started out with a great author, Leonard Rosmarin and we spoke about his novel, Getting Enough. Leonard told us that the inspiration for the book is in fact his own family (Mother, father and extended) and that he has held the idea for the book in his memory for more than 25 years as he continued teaching as a university professor. Leonard was also decorated twice by the French Government for his outstanding work with French literature. The book is a great read, and it moves fast pulling the reader into the lives of the characters in an eerie and yet pleasant way. Get the book, you will not regret it. Also available on Kindle at Amazon (see link below)

Later on the show we welcome a most wonderful person, David Stone. David is a Johnny Cash Tribute Artist and he travels doing a show called “The Johnny Cash Experience”. One of the great things that we learned about David and his troupe is that they were invited to perform the 40th Anniversary concert at San Quentin Prison; an event that Johnny’s own band were not invited to play at. David talked a lot about some great music history that included the greats such as Elvis, Johnny, Roy Orbison, Wanda Jackson and Patsy Cline to mention a few. We featured a few tracks from the CD, David Stone at San Quentin, one of which was a song that David himself wrote to pay homage to the man in black, Back Again.

Be sure to listen to this packed show of great interviews.

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Getting Enough by Leonard Rosmarin
The Johnny Cash Experience
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Leonard Rosmarin said...

Thank you so much, Joel, for the glowing comments about my novel,"Getting Enough." They make all my hard work worthwhile. One cannot place a monetary value on them. I can hardly wait to write and complete my next book because then I will again have the pleasure of your company on the airwaves. Your show was a delight.

Joel Michalec said...

Leonard, Always a pleasure to take a peek into the mind of talented individuals such as yourself. I cherish the moments that we share in our interviews and I look forward to many more moments like it. Be well my friend.