Sunday, March 21, 2010

Show Notes - 03/16/2010

Tonight on the program, we started out talking about a piece of legislation being introduced in Pennsylvania that will hold parents responsible for the actions of their children. The question is can this law be fairly executed? We know that the law will set out to make parents who do not usually do so to keep a close eye on what the kids are doing but what about the corrupt arm of child youth services in many states? These organizations scare the hell out of parents in a way that makes the parents not want to discipline their children as necessary. What do you think? Reply with a comment.

Musician Joshua Stedman (seen above performing “SMILE“, joined us for a conversation on what makes him tick and he discussed his many influences that help him create his soulful sound. We featured two tracks; Fool I’ve Been & Tangled. Both songs are from his debut EP, Un-Tangled, which is available for purchase on Joshua’s website (below).

Joshua Stedman on the Web

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