Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Show Notes - 03/23/2010

Tonight we spoke about the video cruising the internet of the 67 year old vet who was harrassed by a common punk.

We also touched on some other interesting news bits regarding WalMart, the weather and the Philadelphia Police Department.

Later we had a fantastic interview with Singer/Songwriter Sondra Mitchell. Sondra got into music at the early age of three years old and started an all-girl Pop band called Boy Krazy at the age of 12. All this and more as we learned led the way for what has become a wonderful musical career and we featured a track from her debut EP “It Starts Here”. The track was SO SWEET. You can here more on the interview and also find out more by following her links below.

Sondra Mitchell on MySpace
Cinnamon T Entertainment

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