Sunday, March 28, 2010

Show Notes - 28 March 2010

Tonight on the program, we discussed several key topics and one of which was texting while driving. During this topic, we spoke with Clive Thompson, author/blogger who wrote an article in WIRED Magazine entitled, "I'd Rather Be Texting". Clive's opinion is that the problem is not so much the person texting and driving; perhaps since texting has become such an integral part of life, the problem is that we need better public transit. Interesting concept - building up transit, creating jobs, building AMERICA! We like it. Links to Clive's blog and his article are below.

Later we made a call to arms for people to call in and discuss what they have issues with as far as Health Care, Government and more. One of the points we made was the Tea Party Movement (see website listed below). The Tea Party Movement is a grassroots organization of individuals who are standing shoulder to shoulder for America to be restored to it's core beliefs as set forth by the founding fathers. They have some interesting views about getting more independent thinkers who believe in these values into the operating government; especially during the up and coming 2010 mid-term elections.

Other topics briefed were Obama's 15 appointments he is making while the Senate is in recess. That sounds a lot like law breaking to us.

Clive Thompson's Blog
"I'd Rather Be Texting" Article by Clive Thompson
Tea Party Patriots

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