Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Show Notes - 30 March 2010

On the program tonight we announced the very sad news that the hit FOX Television series, 24, will not return to TV after the current season (Day 8). It was stated that the creators wanted to end the series on a high and we are left wondering what the hell they mean. 24 was never at a low so after a mere eight seasons, they are stopping? Why? In any event, they are also reporting that we should see 24 on the big screen. That would certainly be a treat.

Also on the program, our very good friend, Kay Stout. Kay came by and served another dish of career advice. This time on the menu; cleavage, flip-flops and paychecks. Kay told us that too often, people (especially women) are not dressing the part to get the position they seek. She recently screened a woman who, on paper, was perfect for the job she sought. However, she dressed much differently and did not give the best first impression that she needed to. Kay suggests that one should find a good resource to read on getting hired or visit her website (below). She also suggests a little "hands on" investigative work on the company that you seek such like: watch the people leaving the company at the end of the day to see how they are dressed and follow accordingly.

Kay fielded some calls and her virtual door is always open at her website. Look for her future visits here on the show.


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