Sunday, April 11, 2010

Show Notes 11 April 2010

Kaytee Vandergast

Tonight on the show we had a very intriguing and eye-opening discussion with Dennis Wolfe. Dennis has been in the industry of insurance for more than 30 years and he wrote the book, "The Sick Solution - A Prescription for National Health". Dennis spoke with the audience about how wrong this new health care reform bill is because it eventually places full control of our health into government hands. If this is allowed to happen then what will be next? What else will we allow the government to control?

One of the things that all seemed to agree upon is that the old school congress people must GO! We need people in the House and Senate who WANT to represent "We The People" and not their wallets and purses. It is everyone who must stand up during the mid term elections and make some good decisions.

Anyone wishing to speak with Dennis or has questions for him can email him and ask away. He will get back to you and help you to understand what is really happening here.

Later in the show, Kaytee Vandergast successfully defended her Game Show Championship against new contestant Rob Zaccone. The score was 180 - 165. Kaytee fought back after being behind in rounds one and two. Congratulations to Kaytee and a BIG Thank You to Rob!

Email Dennis Wolfe
The Sick Solution - A Prescription for National Health
HR1 Final Language Title XIII Pages 112 Thru 165 (As discussed on show)
Will Breazeale - Candidate for NC 7th US Congress

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