Sunday, April 18, 2010

Show Notes 18 April 2010

Tonight on the program, we briefly discussed some topics in between guests that included Iran, schools spying on students with issued MacBooks and more.

We welcomed first, Author/Consultant John Graci. In this book, THE BUCK STOPS WITH YOU, Graci portrays bosses who are practicing management without a license. Graci uses a tell-it-like-it-is style, relying on hard-hitting examples and illustrations to wake up leaders and get them to re-think their value system and management style. Some of what Graci says will have leaders grimacing in guilt, knowing they have made some of these mistakes. But they’ll also learn new techniques and strategies to replace what hasn’t been working. John put things in perspective regarding bosses who do not appreciate their employees and gave some great tips for how to deal with them and how the bosses should begin dealing with employees properly. For more information, see John's contact information below.

Later, we spoke with David Schiffer who is the Founder and President of Safe Banking Systems. For the past eleven years, David has directed SBS’ efforts on the challenging tasks of watch-list name filtering. This includes integrated real-time solutions, filtering against government sanction lists and batch filtering of large volume CIFs for PEPs and fraudsters. We asked the question, why does it take for a private firm to find terrorists with flight licenses before the federal government reacts? Well, we never really came up with the answers, but the subject matter sure makes you go "hmmm". David's software and services are available to companies to help provide the cross-matching names to help prevent fraud and such.

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