Sunday, April 25, 2010

Show Notes 25 April 2010

Tonight we brought out some BIG guns of entertainment.

First, we interviewed John Bell. John runs a very funny podcast called BELLS IN THE BATFRY and it is just so comical. He does almost all the voices for the program sans some female voices and in fact, one showed up on the show with him. So we talked a bit about John's background and how he became inspired to do the podcast. We learned quite a bit from him regarding all of this subject matter and it was just such a pleasure to have him on the show. Please see the link below to start downloading the BELLS IN THE BATFRY podcast today!

Later, we spoke with Americana Singer & Songwriter, Danika Holmes. Danika is a very down to earth gal who loves her music and it surely does show. We talked to her about what makes her sing including the highlights of her life and some tragedy..all of which lends to her inspiration for making such lovely music. We also had the chance to feature a few of her tracks from her debut album, SECOND CHANCES. We loved having her on the program. She is an awesome singer and a pleasure to speak with..we love her and we think you will too. Visit her link below to learn more about her and to purchase a copy of her CD.

John Bell's BELLS IN THE BATFRY Podcast
Danika Holmes Official Site

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