Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Show Notes 27 April 2010

Over the past few years, many talented Independent Singers, Songwriters and Producers have graced our show. The one thing that we can take away from them is that every single one of them is an amazing artist. As a music disc jockey for more than 20 years and a big fan of the Awesome 80s, I also found that I love the music that has been sent into the show.

Tonight, I had a chance to play for you some of these songs. They were not easy to pick; it took Tony and I two weeks to select the songs that would air on the show tonight and they are not the best. Every single one of them are the best in our books.

Below is the listing of each artist featured on tonight's show so you may visit their websites to learn more and purchase their music. I hope that you enjoyed the program:

  1. Samantha Gibb & The Cartel
  2. Sabrina Taylor
  3. Pete Britto
  4. Dave Diamond
  5. Loomis & The Lust
  6. David Homyk
  7. Daniel Christian
  8. Dann Russo
  9. High Cotton
  10. Vicky Jones
  11. The Last Riders

Special Thanks
MPC Recording Artists
Ariel Publicity
Indie Music.com

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Reality One Radio said...

Also featured on tonight's show were the group Railaway and also independent singer songwriter Leah Lanier Gates. You can find information about them here:

Railaway: http://www.myspace.com/railawaymusic

Leah Lanier Gates: Not your typical guest.....nor your typical performer....