Sunday, May 30, 2010

Show Notes 30 May 2010


Tonight's show was hosted by our producer, Tony Richards.

Happy Memorial day weekend! I hope you are enjoying your holiday so far!
Tonight on the show, I decided to let the rest of the staff take the weekend off and
let us feature some of the best of the Behind the Mike Show from years gone by.

Don't forget to join us this Tuesday however as we welcome Johnny Alonso and the cast of Leaving Hollywood LIVE on the show at 9 pm Eastern right here! See the web site at Behind the for details!

Tonight on the show though, I decided to bring back some of the classic interviews that some of the newcomers (and some of the regulars) would appreciate. Loaded up first in the time machine is an interview with a fantastic music group from New York City called Stark. Joel and Sharen interview them, and when they go to play a couple of their songs, well, Joel gets a taste of how hard the job of an engineer can be when things don't go as planned. We definitely hope to have them back on the show soon! Watch for details!

Later, after that, we moved ahead to 2008, when Joel & Sharen sat down with Mat Zo: The Unleavened One, holistic comedian, rascal, absurdity guru, shameless self-promoter, dedicated financier and author and we got the 411 on his book, The Rascal's Guide To Enlightenment. He also gave us some important insight on 2012 and how his lectures help enlighten the masses. Check below and on the Behind The Mike website to find out how you can get your hands on this must have book.

Stark OFFICIAL Web Site
Dream Tree Press
Mat Zo's OFFICIAL Web Site

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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Show Notes 25 May 2010

Tonight on the broadcast, we welcomed back our dear friend, Frank Cotolo. Frank is an all around cool guy. He is a writer, humorist, comedian, musician and more. You name it and he probably did it at one time or another.

Tonight it was completely about FRANK and his new book, Molotov Memiors. The book chronicles many of the journeys of Frank's life in the world of entertainment and he promises plenty of name dropping. On the program, he compared his life to that of Forrest Gump in that he just happened to be at a lot places at the right moments. The book is funny, enlightening and definitely entertaining. Buy the book via the link fact, buy two as Frank says, "wrap one in plastic and never open it".

Cotolo Chronicles - The home of the radio program of the same name
Molotov Memoirs - Buy the book. Buy two. Buy four and share.

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Sunday, May 23, 2010

Show Notes 23 May 2010

Wee Willie Webber
June 11, 1929 - May 23, 2010

Tonight on the program, we had a fantastic discussion with Steve Warren, who is a staple in the music industry. Steve works on two projects one of which is the creator of music programming software for commercial and web-based radio stations. Steve is also a programming consultant for country music industry. We spoke a little about that and then we got into some interesting discussion about the music industry as a whole and how things have changed over the past few decades. That discussion covered both mainstream and the newer unsigned and independent music seen that we have seen as of late. Steve has some great stories from the industry and some great history that he shared and we hope to have him back again soon. Visit his website below to learn more about him and his company.

Later, we were joined by Lady B and Vida and we had a sort of Behind The Mike reunion. We covered a couple of HOT topics such as the cheating wife who sued her wireless provider because her husband caught her cheating by looking at the bill. The service was part of a bundle that was billed to both the husband/wife. How is it even possible that she can sue for invasion of privacy against the carrier is beyond us. She is the biggest cheat and fool and should get the "Jackass of the Week" Award. The story is located here.

Next on the table for discussion, some states are considering passing laws that will make "sexting" (combination of sex and texting) illegal. Now speaking of invasion of privacy, doesn't this sound like the government doing that? It does to us. Our opinion is that the government should stay out of our lives and worry about "government" stuff. Meanwhile, since you unzipped your fly or dropped your drawers and made a baby (or 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, etc) please do us a favor and be a parent. If you cannot live up to your responsibility, please remove yourself from the gene pool. Put your thingy away (guys) and put your pants back on (gals) and STOP having children that you obviously do not give a damn about! See the story here.

Does it sound fair that Texas is submitting that history books change the word "slavery" to "Atlantic Triangular Trade"? What the hell?! Math teachers in Alabama are using trajectory of bullets passing through President Obama as examples to explain the Isosceles Angles? Really? Discuss this and more with us at

Music 1 - Official Website of Steve Warren

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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Show Notes 18 May 2010

Relay For Life of Middletown
Friday June 4, 2010 - 6:30 PM
Silver Lake Park - Middletown, Delaware

Tonight on the show we spoke with Sarah Figgs and Lauren Suess, who are the team captains for the AG Waters Pups. The pups are the Middletown, Delaware Relay For Life team and their event happens on June 4, 2010 in Middletown, Delaware.

The girls made their second appearance on the show to keep us updated on the preparations and their fund-raising efforts thus far. They have blown away their monetary goal of $1500 and as of show time, they have raised $2099.75. Behind The Mike stands firm on the promise that for the rest of this week, we will match donations by listeners up to a total of $100 collectively.

The event promises to be fun for the whole family with games, prizes, dance contest, pajama party and more. Now on Wednesday May 19, 2010 at 6:00 PM there will be a town-wide pep rally beginning in town square Middletown to get the residents pumped up.

Visit their website below to learn more and make a donation for the event.

Later, we discussed the case of the woman charged with her son's starving death from 2007. She was giving time served and set free for her assistance in testifying against the cult members who convinced her to not feed the 16 month old toddler to correct his evil misbehaving. Does this sound like a problem to anyone else besides us? How does this woman who is RESPONSIBLE for the death of her child out walking the streets? Karma will be looking for her soon enough.

Relay For Life
AG Waters Pups R4L Team
Cult Members Sentenced In Baby's Starvation Death

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Show Notes 16 May 2010


Tonight on the show we welcomed back to the USS Behind The Mike, four seasoned Safety Pirates from the Dundalk Power Squadron to talk about Boating Safety in conjunction with our ongoing efforts to help promote safe boating practices. We were joined by Past Squadron Commanders John Hall, Brooks Riley, Bernie Karpers and Captain Tony Solesky.

Among the topics of discussion were life vests, education, stupidity, ignorance and other factors that go into a bad (or good) recipe for recreational boating. Life vests are very important and of course should not be viewed as a nuisance or trouble because you see someone wearing them. The squadron reminds us that life vests do no one any good when they are sitting in the bag, under the seat or stowed elsewhere. It was also noted that it takes approximately four (4) minutes to put on a life vest properly and while under NO duress. So you should take that 4 minutes casually...before you leave the port. The main reason people may not wear life vests - STUPIDITY.

FACT :: Over two-thirds of all fatal boating accident victims drowned, and of those, ninety (90) percent were not wearing a life jacket.

We fielded some great questions from the chat room tonight on the show. First, does the US Power Squadron (and the associated units) educate persons, as part of their seamanship classes, in regards to situations involving divers? The answer is yes and here is what the United States Coast Guard "Rule 27e - Vessel Engaged in Diving Operations" of the publication COMDTINST M16672.2D says about it:

Whenever the size of a vessel engaged in diving operations makes it impracticable to exhibit all lights and shapes prescribed in paragraph (d) of this Rule [most civilian vessels], the following shall be exhibited:

Three all-round lights in a vertical line where they can best be seen. The highest and lowest of these lights shall be red and the middle light shall be white; a rigid replica of the International Code flag "A" not less than 1 meter in height. Measures shall be taken to ensure its all-round visibility.

footnote - The U.S. federal government has no rules about using the red-and-white dive flag. However, most U.S. states do, and so do some local governments. SO CHECK LOCAL RULES!!

Another chat question came up about some methods, if applicable, can be used to navigate channels and inlets in the dark. Of course, electronic equipment such as radar helps but you can always pick up some courses on "Celestial Navigation" so you can figure out where you are by the night sky. The power Squadron has classes on navigation as well.

The mother of all bad things when it comes to boating is "Boating While Intoxicated (BWI)". The fact that you are out there in the sun and wind will complicate things when you drink because you are already fatigued from the elements. According the U.S. Coast Guard, "alcohol is more hazardous on water than on land." For the safety of yourself, family, friends and fellow boaters never EVER drink while out on a boat. Even if you are not driving, you can become inebriated and fall off the vessel.

Please visit the links below to get started on learning more about what the Dundalk Power Squadron does, how to reach them and there are links to the national squadron home page so you can find the unit in your area.

United States Power Squadrons®
Dundalk Power Squadron (Dundalk, Maryland)
National Safe Boating Council
United States Coast Guard - Boating Safety Resource Center

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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Show Notes 11 May 2010

Tonight on the broadcast, we featured a great new song by Songwriter, Vicky Jones. Vicky appeared on Behind The Mike last year and featured some of her tracks. She was then featured again on a special WBTM Indie Music Show and her music can be heard on WBTM Radio and Reality 1 Radio. Tonight we played her hot new song "Mistaken". Check out her link below to hear more of her music.

We then spoke to North Carolina politician, Will Breazeale regarding some political issues of today that make this mid-term election so very important to all of us. Will hit a bump in the road last week in the 7th District NC and lost his fight in the Republican primary but he has vowed and announced on our show that he will continue the fight and do all he can to register as an Independent Candidate and take his change to Washington. He'll need help in doing so and you can visit the website below to learn how you can get involved.

We learned a lot from Will about his views and he is a breath of fresh air. He compares himself to PA District 19 incumbent Todd R. Platts who is the kind of candidate that likes to speak with his constituency rather than only reach out through television ads.


This morning, we at Sarathan received word of disaster in Nashville. We’re trying to spread the word in an effort to raise awareness and assist relief efforts. Here are the details, taken from an email sent to us by Scott Perry from Sperry Media:

Last weekend, severe rains hit Nashville, causing unprecedented floods throughout the region, resulting in at least $1.5 billion in damages and 30 dead (found so far). A high pressure system from the east kept a typical summer rain storm in place over Nashville for 36 hours, instead of the usual 4-5 hour passover. But amidst oil spills in the Gulf, bomb scares in Times Square, riots in Greece, and whiplash in the financial markets, the Nashville floods got lost in the headlines….Read More

Vicky Jones Music
Will To Win - Will Breazeale's Official Web Site - Research and learn about candidates everywhere
Vote Smart - Educate yourself before voting
More on Nashville

Sunday, May 09, 2010

Show Notes 09 May 2010


Tonight we talked about a couple of important topics. First off, the Mid-Term elections. These elections are so very important and not to Barack Obama who is touring and begging women and minorities to vote Democratic. They are important for us as Americans to look at all the choices available for Congress because there are independent candidates who are vying for the opportunity to show us that they are interested in running "for the people". We have people is Congress who have been there forever and have shown us nothing in the way of helping through these new challenges. Get them OUT! We need people who can understand the Bill of Rights and the US Constitution.

We also spoke about the oil disaster in the Gulf of Mexico and how that is causing a great concern as far as economical and also environmental. A reported 5,000 gallons of crude oil is flowing from the leaking pipeline and this is well on it's way to becoming the worst environmental disaster in decades in the United States.

Later, we revisited an interview with Dr. David Robinson who discussed topics of his book, Transforming Body, Mind & Spirit. The book is a concise guide to a balanced and healthy life and shows you how to live fit and trim without false diets. We really learned a lot from the good doctor and you can find out more about him and his book by visiting the links below.

David Robinson's Website
David Robinson's Blog
Project Vote Smart - Defend Yourself Befor Voting This Year!

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Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Show Notes 04 May 2010

Tonight on the program we started by discussing the incident at Citizen's Bank Park on May 3, 2010 when a Philadelphia Police Officer tasered a 17 year old male fan who was running on the field. It does not appear that he was doing anything other than being a 17 year old but the obviously out of shape police officer after only a few seconds was apparently tired of running and tasered him sending him immediately to the ground. Of course no one wants fans to distract the game that way but does Philadelphia need yet another bad stain on their reputation for use of excessive force? The police department says that an investigation will be launched to see whether the incident was proper use of equipment; what about proper use of potential DEADLY force? What would have become if that "child" dies as a result of the taser? The police commissioner stands behind the officer...probably because the officer is big enough to hide him!

Later, we interviewed the very talented singer and songwriter, Daniel Christian. Daniel was on the program last year to feature his debut album, I AM MERELY SAND and he came back to discuss his next project HOLD YOUR BREATH. We reviewed what Dan has been up to plus touring and we featured two of the tracks "Corners" and "Happy Guy". Be sure and visit Daniel's website below to get your hands on the album.

Daniel Christian on the Web

Sunday, May 02, 2010

Show Notes 02 May 2010

What a fun and informative show we featured tonight. My hope is that you take this show and get it onto your iPod or some other way to listen to it on the go.

First we spoke with Karen Curry who owns the website, The Prosperity Revolution. She is a teacher of making all aspects of your life prosperous. Prosperity does not start or end with financial matters. We can all take away from the conversation with Karen some information that would help with making our lives better. We reviewed the "glass half empty/full" theory and also spent some time on another important theory, creating your own reality. Definitely worth listening to find out about that. Visit her website for more information on what programs and services that she offers to assist you.

Later we had a conversation with Christina Wagner, a very busy person indeed. Christina manages several websites. One is where she spends time featuring local businesses and local deals. She further informs us that by googling the term, local first, you can learn more about the movement going on regarding moving people in the direction of shopping with local businesses versus the "big guys" because among other positive things, it puts money back into the local community. She also spoke about her other passion, social media and her website which deals with all aspects of social media, how to use it and what you can do to change up your social presence a little. Her valuable information is just a browser step away!

The Prosperity Revolution
AZDealGirl - Social Media
Darn Good Deals - Arizona

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