Sunday, May 02, 2010

Show Notes 02 May 2010

What a fun and informative show we featured tonight. My hope is that you take this show and get it onto your iPod or some other way to listen to it on the go.

First we spoke with Karen Curry who owns the website, The Prosperity Revolution. She is a teacher of making all aspects of your life prosperous. Prosperity does not start or end with financial matters. We can all take away from the conversation with Karen some information that would help with making our lives better. We reviewed the "glass half empty/full" theory and also spent some time on another important theory, creating your own reality. Definitely worth listening to find out about that. Visit her website for more information on what programs and services that she offers to assist you.

Later we had a conversation with Christina Wagner, a very busy person indeed. Christina manages several websites. One is where she spends time featuring local businesses and local deals. She further informs us that by googling the term, local first, you can learn more about the movement going on regarding moving people in the direction of shopping with local businesses versus the "big guys" because among other positive things, it puts money back into the local community. She also spoke about her other passion, social media and her website which deals with all aspects of social media, how to use it and what you can do to change up your social presence a little. Her valuable information is just a browser step away!

The Prosperity Revolution
AZDealGirl - Social Media
Darn Good Deals - Arizona

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