Sunday, May 09, 2010

Show Notes 09 May 2010


Tonight we talked about a couple of important topics. First off, the Mid-Term elections. These elections are so very important and not to Barack Obama who is touring and begging women and minorities to vote Democratic. They are important for us as Americans to look at all the choices available for Congress because there are independent candidates who are vying for the opportunity to show us that they are interested in running "for the people". We have people is Congress who have been there forever and have shown us nothing in the way of helping through these new challenges. Get them OUT! We need people who can understand the Bill of Rights and the US Constitution.

We also spoke about the oil disaster in the Gulf of Mexico and how that is causing a great concern as far as economical and also environmental. A reported 5,000 gallons of crude oil is flowing from the leaking pipeline and this is well on it's way to becoming the worst environmental disaster in decades in the United States.

Later, we revisited an interview with Dr. David Robinson who discussed topics of his book, Transforming Body, Mind & Spirit. The book is a concise guide to a balanced and healthy life and shows you how to live fit and trim without false diets. We really learned a lot from the good doctor and you can find out more about him and his book by visiting the links below.

David Robinson's Website
David Robinson's Blog
Project Vote Smart - Defend Yourself Befor Voting This Year!

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