Sunday, May 23, 2010

Show Notes 23 May 2010

Wee Willie Webber
June 11, 1929 - May 23, 2010

Tonight on the program, we had a fantastic discussion with Steve Warren, who is a staple in the music industry. Steve works on two projects one of which is the creator of music programming software for commercial and web-based radio stations. Steve is also a programming consultant for country music industry. We spoke a little about that and then we got into some interesting discussion about the music industry as a whole and how things have changed over the past few decades. That discussion covered both mainstream and the newer unsigned and independent music seen that we have seen as of late. Steve has some great stories from the industry and some great history that he shared and we hope to have him back again soon. Visit his website below to learn more about him and his company.

Later, we were joined by Lady B and Vida and we had a sort of Behind The Mike reunion. We covered a couple of HOT topics such as the cheating wife who sued her wireless provider because her husband caught her cheating by looking at the bill. The service was part of a bundle that was billed to both the husband/wife. How is it even possible that she can sue for invasion of privacy against the carrier is beyond us. She is the biggest cheat and fool and should get the "Jackass of the Week" Award. The story is located here.

Next on the table for discussion, some states are considering passing laws that will make "sexting" (combination of sex and texting) illegal. Now speaking of invasion of privacy, doesn't this sound like the government doing that? It does to us. Our opinion is that the government should stay out of our lives and worry about "government" stuff. Meanwhile, since you unzipped your fly or dropped your drawers and made a baby (or 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, etc) please do us a favor and be a parent. If you cannot live up to your responsibility, please remove yourself from the gene pool. Put your thingy away (guys) and put your pants back on (gals) and STOP having children that you obviously do not give a damn about! See the story here.

Does it sound fair that Texas is submitting that history books change the word "slavery" to "Atlantic Triangular Trade"? What the hell?! Math teachers in Alabama are using trajectory of bullets passing through President Obama as examples to explain the Isosceles Angles? Really? Discuss this and more with us at

Music 1 - Official Website of Steve Warren

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