Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Show Notes 25 May 2010

Tonight on the broadcast, we welcomed back our dear friend, Frank Cotolo. Frank is an all around cool guy. He is a writer, humorist, comedian, musician and more. You name it and he probably did it at one time or another.

Tonight it was completely about FRANK and his new book, Molotov Memiors. The book chronicles many of the journeys of Frank's life in the world of entertainment and he promises plenty of name dropping. On the program, he compared his life to that of Forrest Gump in that he just happened to be at a lot places at the right moments. The book is funny, enlightening and definitely entertaining. Buy the book via the link below...in fact, buy two as Frank says, "wrap one in plastic and never open it".

Cotolo Chronicles - The home of the radio program of the same name
Molotov Memoirs - Buy the book. Buy two. Buy four and share.

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