Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Show Notes 04 May 2010

Tonight on the program we started by discussing the incident at Citizen's Bank Park on May 3, 2010 when a Philadelphia Police Officer tasered a 17 year old male fan who was running on the field. It does not appear that he was doing anything other than being a 17 year old but the obviously out of shape police officer after only a few seconds was apparently tired of running and tasered him sending him immediately to the ground. Of course no one wants fans to distract the game that way but does Philadelphia need yet another bad stain on their reputation for use of excessive force? The police department says that an investigation will be launched to see whether the incident was proper use of equipment; what about proper use of potential DEADLY force? What would have become if that "child" dies as a result of the taser? The police commissioner stands behind the officer...probably because the officer is big enough to hide him!

Later, we interviewed the very talented singer and songwriter, Daniel Christian. Daniel was on the program last year to feature his debut album, I AM MERELY SAND and he came back to discuss his next project HOLD YOUR BREATH. We reviewed what Dan has been up to plus touring and we featured two of the tracks "Corners" and "Happy Guy". Be sure and visit Daniel's website below to get your hands on the album.

Daniel Christian on the Web

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